Red Light District … Amsterdam

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Amsterdam was such a cool city! I’ve always wanted to come here to check out the laid back, weed smoking, red light district atmosphere that it’s famous for!

Some of the crew and I walked around the city together, as we ate street food, people watched, and bar hopped having a few drinks here and there, as we went along.

We were too tired to stay up past dark in the red light district, but we saw a few girls getting ready for work as they stood in the windows of the cobble stone streets of the red light district. (nearly naked)

Here are some pics I snapped of my Amsterdam Adventure! Now, I’m off to get ready for BALI!!! can’t wait!

xo kels

IMG_3028 IMG_2984 IMG_2987 IMG_3004 IMG_3016 IMG_3019 IMG_3020


Treat Yo Self – Miracle Moment Mondaze

hey lovelies!


This blog post is coming at you straight from my white fluffy heaven bed, as I drink my coffee and gaze at the dubai skyline. my favourite thing to do in the mornings 🙂

I just wanted to invite you all to treat yourself! It sounds so small and silly but it is seriously something that we all over look from time to time. Take a day/hour/30minutes out of the week to celebrate something you’ve accomplished, to pat yourself on the back, or heck, to just celebrate YOU!

Did you follow through on your work outs? did you choose salad over pizza? did you reach out to that old friend you’ve been meaning to for ages? or did you reach a target at work? no matter how small and meaningless you think it may be, it’s so so so important to actually take the time out of your crazy busy week to reflect and show yourself that you care.

And by celebrate I don’t mean downing a bottle of champagne and raging on the dance floor all night. I mean do something that your soul is craaaaavvvvvvinnngggg. What do you love to do? nourish your soul in your celebrations this week! Do you love to hike? paint? get your nails done? bubble bath? finally crack open that book? invite the girls over for movie night? whatever it is that makes you feel amazing, just do it and celebrate your accomplishments!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.03.39 AM Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.59.17 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.11.52 AM

This week I upped all my weights at the gym and I’m celebrating by making myself a huge vanilla protein, coconut, banana, avocado, raspberry smoothie! (to die for!)


Tag me on IG/facebook, or comment below and let me know how you are celebrating!! woo! woo!

xo kels



Miracle Moment Mondaze … { Cardio + Commitment }

Happy Monday Babes!

IMG_2974Anyone else feeling like this today? I sure am! Grab a cup of coffee, and read on for your much needed miracle, on this beautiful monday morning! 

This morning, during my usual, dreaded 30 minute cardio session before I hit the weights, I was thinking…”I should be working harder than this”. Coming from an athletic and fitness training background I know that high intensity, interval cardio training is much more effective than sluggish – steady pace cardio. So, why can’t I force myself to do it?

I think it may be a fear of commitment … or failure? …probably both. I know this sounds crazy, but the moment I decide that I’m going to do high intensity, interval training, is the moment that I have officially decided I’m going to get fit. I know this is 100% possible, achievable and do-able for me. But the thing that scares me is, what if one day I change my mind and don’t feel like getting fit? What if I can’t follow through with it? What if I fall off the wagon and miss a week at the gym? What if I eat a bag of chips one night after I guzzle a bottle of wine? Then I have lied to myself, and I have failed to do what I told myself I was going to do… GASPPP the world is ending!

I’m sure someone out there can relate to this crazy rationalization of commitment, failure and perfectionism. What we need to realize is, the journey to your end goal is not going to be perfect. It may not be that exact picture perfect visualization you had of yourself getting up super early every morning, working your butt off in the gym, and sticking to your diet plan 100%. Some days will be a struggle, and some days will be filled with inspiration and joy! We just need to take a deep breath. Relax, and enjoy the ride!

YOU MUST DO THE THINGYou ThinkYOU CANNOT-39b16f45bc2cc97c25b9e6128205bb61d

For me, I need to understand that deciding to do my interval cardio for one day does not define me for the rest of my life. I need to accept that yes, some days I will have the strength and motivation to work extra hard in the gym, and other days all I will feel like doing is rolling around on a bosu ball. As long as we are gradually improving and slowly getting closer to reaching our end goals while we are ENJOYING the journey, is all that matters. So, be kind to yourself, accept your ups and downs but most importantly learn from your downs.

  • Do you have any weird triggers that sparks fear?
  • Are you hard on yourself if you fall off track of reaching a goal?
  • Do you hate cardio?

xo kels

Miracle Moment Mondaze


Miracle momentmondaze-3I’ve decided to start a ‘miracle moment mondaze section on the blog to share moments of inspiration I have, to help others who need some direction, and to just express my passion for self-help, self-love and self development. So, here it goes!

Trusting your path.

It’s always hard not to wonder and worry about where you are in life. Trying not to question your decisions that got you where you are today, and worrying about what the future holds is a struggle we all face. Am I on the right track? Is this the right job for me? Am I dating the right guy? These all seem to be fair enough questions to ask ourselves, but does worrying really help us to know the answer?

Not. At. All.

The key to finding the answers, is in quieting the constant noise in our heads, and actually listening to our intuition or “inner guide” for once. Some of you may have no relationship what-so ever with your inner guide, and some of you may be besties with her already. But we all know she exists! It’s your gut feeling, your compass that always points you in the right direction, and your shining light that always has your back.

Getting to know her, is like getting to know yourself. She always has the right answers we just need to listen. Being open and available to listen is step number 1. This can mean taking the time every day to sit in silence, meditation and/or prayer or it could mean starting to see everyone and everything that crosses your path as a lesson, a gift or purpose for you.

I had a miracle moment the other day while I was strolling through Vienna, Austria. A man approached me who seemed to be a psychic and told me that I was a very lucky lady. He kept repeating you are a very lucky lady, and continued to tell me that September has a lot in store for me. At first, I thought he was just a crazy man and was going to beg me for money after he gave me this reading. But no, he just smiled and continued walking after I thanked him.

As soon as I continued on my way, I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my life. I truly believed the psychic’s reading, that in fact YES! I am a very lucky lady’ not in the future, not in the past but in that present moment I felt lucky.


I believe this man stepped into my life for a moment, as a reminder. His credentials are irrelevant – he may have just been a crazy man, or he may very well have been an actual psychic, it does not matter. What matters is he reminded me to stop and be in the present moment. I, like many others, get caught up in the worry and wondering of what the future holds for us, but we just need to believe and trust that we are on the right path. Every single moment we are exactly where we are supposed to be, and we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. The key is to constantly check in with our bestie who lives in our hearts. The more you check in, the louder her voice gets, and thus the more you trust.

  •  Have you ever had a miracle moment?
  • Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
  • Today, I challenge you to see everyone and everything that happens to you as a sign. Maybe there is a lesson here? Maybe this means more than what it seems?

xo kels



A Perfect Day For Vienna

I know I say this about every city…but I LOVE THIS CITY! haha

My day in Vienna, Austria was perfect. After my early morning coffee I began to explore the city and was in ‘awe’ every second of the day. Beautiful architecture, beautiful people, beautiful flowers, book stores, antique stores, and great food! My first stop was a cathedral and flower shop. Next I made my way to a huge shopping square for breakfast, more coffee, and people watching on a patio. Then I went and saw some of the government buildings and was amazed at how HUGE and stunning they all were! I shopped a little bit, stocked up on wine and then sat on another patio for lunch. Bacon wrapped feta cheese, salad and lemonade…Mmmm.

To sum it up: Summer in Vienna = Heaven.

IMG_2830 IMG_2832 IMG_2831 IMG_2778 IMG_2792 IMG_2810 IMG_2824

When In Rome… { consume copious amounts of pizza, pasta, gelato, and wine}

Rome was a beautiful city with lots going on. Cobble stone streets, the ruins, cute cafes on every corner, the spanish steps, great shopping, and much much more.

Walking the streets really did make me feel like I was in the ‘Eat, Pray Love’ movie. Italy is so alive, vibrant and full of history…and the food is to die for!

This city is everything you’ve ever imagined.

IMG_2730 IMG_2732 IMG_2733 IMG_2734 IMG_2735 IMG_2736 IMG_2737 IMG_2741

The Greatest Wall

I still can’t believe I hiked the Great Wall of China!! Just being there was surreal. We took a cable car ride to the top, walked along the wall in complete awe, sweat our balls off  (It was insanely hot that day) and then took a slide down the side of the mountain, which was so much fun!

*caution* – the great wall is not a peaceful, casual walk. It’s a workout. The steps are steep, un even and so difficult to hike on!

here are some pics from the day:

ps. I obviously bought a china man hat and rocked it all day long.

IMG_0129_2IMG_0145_2IMG_0131_2IMG_0132_2IMG_0133_2IMG_0134_2IMG_0136_2IMG_0137_2 IMG_2633 IMG_2632